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Learn how to improve / modify your Dog's
behavior - privately, at your home

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You do NOT have to (learn to) live with your dog's bad behavior !

You do NOT want to realize the consequences of behavioral issues
e.g. your getting injured, being liable for your dog's bad behavior,
your dog damaging property, harming others, getting hurt, etc.,

and then, regret you procrastinated in doing something about it

Lower your anxiety/stress level, develop a better relationship and
have more fun with your dog by eliminating misbehaviors such as:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Unnecessary barking
  • Inappropriate chewing
  • Pulling you during walks
  • Inappropriate play / biting
  • Escaping and running away
  • Not obeying you / commands
  • Being impolite towards your guests
  • Aggressive with people / other animals
  • Running off to chase critters / birds, etc.
  • Being too shy, nervous and/or fearful, etc.
  • Defecating in your house or on your things

  • You will get personal coaching and on-going support to improve
    and modify your Dog's behavior, to supplement previous / basic
    puppy training and, to teach your Dog better manners.

    You can also get advice and coaching on getting a new Pet,
    to prepare yourself and your home for a new Pet,
    to prepare your Pet for a new Friend / Baby / Pet,
    and/or, to properly welcome a new Pet into your home

    So, skip the self-help books, videos, training gadgets, medications, etc.
    No need to waste your time through trial and error, just hoping to succeed

    Contact us now. You'll see results
    or you don't pay !

    You will be more proud of your better behaved dog
    and, your dog will be happier and less stressed too !

    FREE Initial Consultation

    This "Get-to-Know-You" visit (about 30 minutes) is to:

  • Discuss your experiences and interactions with your Dog
  • Identify concerns and issues requiring attention
  • Understand your obstacles, constraints, hurdles and pains
  • Define the desired behaviors you want for your Dog
  • Visualize how your Dog can be a fun part of the family

  • This initial free consultation enables us to:

  • Assess your Dog and triggers for its behaviors
  • Determine and validate the causes of its misbehaviors
  • Prescribe remedial steps to improve / modify its behaviors
  • Develop a Program Plan to get the desired results and benefits
  • Schedule training/coaching sessions to achieve your goals

  • Contact us NOW to schedule this free consultation


    As dog behaviorists, we will:

  • Help YOU to better understand why your Dog behaves that way
  • Help YOU to learn how you can get your Dog to behave better
    and why it will work
  • Work with your Dog to elicit the desired behaviors
  • Show YOU effective interaction routines to use, and then
  • Coach YOU to adjust/improve how you interact with your Dog

  • You won't be sold any gadgets, equipment, dog treats, meds, books, etc.

    The approach to improve / modify your Dog's behavior is based on:

  • Understanding your Dog, its motivations and why it behaves that way
  • Providing insights for Parents to understand how your Dog thinks
  • Determining the triggers/causes of the undesirable behaviors
  • Utilizing gentle loving routines to elicit desirable behaviors
  • Verifying and demonstrating the routines' effectiveness
  • Coaching the Parents to practice effective routines

  • You will realign your mindset as you learn to manage your Dog's behavior

    The key to successfully improving/modifying your Dog's behavior is to:

  • Recognize that dogs usually want to please their Masters
  • Internalize the principles that make dogs want to always please you
  • Train your Dog incrementally to elicit desirable behaviors and keep the learning fun
  • Reward kindly & consistently (i.e. no punishment) to forge a loving & trusting Pet

  • Results are guaranteed when the Parents/Family commit
    to work diligently to improve the behavior of their Dog


    Your Dog will be trained to exhibit desired behaviors, and
    You will be coached on how to elicit those desired behaviors

    The Training/Coaching Program selected will depend
    on the types and number of issues to be addressed.

    Then, meetings are scheduled to provide coaching and timely
    support as you work to fundamentally change your Dog's behaviors.

  • GOLD COACHING PROGRAM - for 1 Dog with up to 4 issues
    4 Sessionseach week for 3 consecutive weeks

  • SILVER COACHING PROGRAM - for 1 Dog with 2 or 3 issues
    4 Sessions each week for 2 consecutive weeks

  • BRONZE COACHING PROGRAM - for 1 Dog with 1 or 2 minor issues
    1 Session and 1 Walk/Consultation each week for 4 consecutive weeks

  • A Session is a private personalized training/coaching appointment lasting
    about one hour. It can be a dog assessment/training session and/or a
    discussion/coaching session on how to manage/improve your Dog's behavior

    A Walk is a visit to your home to take your Dog out for a walk
    primarily to introduce and/or practice training routines to
    elicit desirable behaviors. It usually lasts about 45 minutes

    A Consultation is a face-to-face meeting, phone or Skype discussion
    (about 15 minutes) to review efforts, progress and/or experiences

    Dogs with less serious issues/challenges can benefit from the:


  • A-la-Carte Services - $129/Session; $79/Walk; $39/Consultation
    also available for on-going support/assistance after completion of a Program

  • We will help and coach you on how to modify/improve your Dog's
    behavior, so you can have a fun and loving relationship with your Dog !

    Contact Lawrence by email or, call (360) 371-5275


    About US
    As a Dog Behaviorist, I train dogs to behave appropriately. I coach Pet Parents
    to learn how to interact properly with their Pet, so that their Pets know their
    rules & have manners, and, will behave in ways that will not put themselves or
    their Pet Parents at risk.

    I help Pet Parents to develop a fun and loving relationship with their Pets.
    Why ? Pet Parents do not need the stress/frustrations of a misbehaved Pet.

    What is Dog Behavior Improvement Coaching ?
    It is a behavior modification training and coaching service
    to help Pet Parents who have pet Dog(s) with behavioral issues.
    The Dog is trained to behave appropriately, ending undesirable behaviors.
    Pet Parents are coached to elicit desirable behaviors from their Dog.

    How is this different from puppy/dog training ?
    Dog training is usually about teaching a Dog to do certain things, like sit, come,
    stay, heel, leave it, drop it, etc. While Dog Behavior Improvement Coaching will
    include some effort to teach and train a Dog to behave more appropriately,
    the focus is to teach Pet Parents to modify or stop certain undesirable Dog
    behaviors, particularly those that are of concern to Pet Parents.

    For clarity, this service is not about teaching a Dog to be a work dog
    (e.g. for hunting, herding sheep, guarding), or to be a therapy or service dog.

    Who uses Dog Behavior Improvement Coaching services ?
    Proactive Pet Parents who prefer to raise their Dog(s) with proper behaviors/manners
    from the start, instead of having to work on correcting their bad behaviors later on,
    Pet Parents who are exasperated, embarrassed and/or stressed about their Dog's
    behavior, have tried various ways but still haven't been successful in correcting and
    changing them, and are now desperately determined to change or eliminate specific
    undesirable behaviors of their Dog(s), including those that can put the safety of
    their Dog(s), family members, neighbors, friends, etc. risk, and/or have become
    liabilities to Pet Parents.

    What is your training method ?
    As a dog behaviorist, the training method is solely reward-based, i.e. no punishment.
    There is no use of treats, training gadgets, shock collars, harness, clickers, etc.

    The training approach is more about coaching pet parents to interact appropriately
    with their dog to communicate the parents' rules and (behavioral) expectations.

    You won't need to buy training gadgets, equipment, collars, harnesses, treats, etc.

    Where does the Coaching and Training take place ?
    The Coaching / Training services are usually provided at your home.
    There may be occasions when they will take place at public areas,
    where there are other people and their dogs.

    Will you provide Coaching and Training if I am not in the
    Birch Bay, Semiahmoo and Blaine area ?

    Our service is primarily provided to Pet Parents in the Birch Bay,
    Semiahmoo and Blaine, WA area. Why ? Additional charges for travel
    time can make it more expensive for some Pet Parents outside of this area.
    Nevertheless, the Coach has helped several Pet Parents outside of this area.
    Flexibility may be required in deciding where the Training / Coaching takes place.

    How do I start getting Coaching services to fix my Dog's behavioral issues ?
    1. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute Consultation.
    Send us an email or phone us and leave a complete voice message with
    some information about your Dog(s), e.g. name, age, size, breed, sex,
    neutered/spayed, etc., your location and, the issues that concern you.
    2. The Coach will meet with you and your Dog(s) at your home to review and
    assess your issues with your Dog. The Coach will outline an Action Plan to
    correct your Dog's behavior. The length of the Coaching Program depends
    on the types and number of issues to be addressed.
    3. If you agree to proceed, the Coach will start the Coaching Program right
    after the Consultation. You will learn to understand why your Dog behaves
    the way it does, what needs to be done to address the problems, and how to
    fix them. The Coach will demonstrate some prescribed training routines and
    exercises to change your Dog's behaviors. You will then be coached to
    perform these routines and exercises.
    4. After the first Session in the Program, you will get an Program Plan by email.
    The Plan will summarize the Coach's assessment (of your Dog's behaviors)
    and the prescribed efforts required to fix your issues with the Dog.
    5. You will schedule subsequent training/coaching meetings with the Coach
    (e.g. 4 times each week) for the duration of the Program.
    6. You will follow the Coach's recommendations and, perform and practice
    the routines and exercises as prescribed.

    What is the Dog Behavior Improvement Coaching "Program" ?
    The Program is an intensive effort to fundamentally change the habits and behavior of
    your Dog, as well as the Pet Parent's mindset and interaction techniques with the Dog.
    The length of the Program depends on the type and number of issues to be addressed:
  • The GOLD Program is for 3 consecutive weeks
  • The SILVER Program is for 2 consecutive weeks
  • The BRONZE Program is for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • Pet Parents must be fully committed for the entire duration of the Coaching Program.
    A-la-Carte coaching and support services are available after completing the Program.

    How is the Coaching Program conducted ?
    The Coach will introduce and describe training routines for your Dog.
    The Coach will train your Dog (incrementally) to behave appropriately.
    Then the Coach will teach and coach the Pet Parents to perform each of
    the routines and exercises to elicit the desired behavior(s) from the Dog.

    The Pet Parents must diligently practice the prescribed routines and exercises
    consistently throughout the Program and after. Pet Parents must also follow
    the Coach's recommendations for practicing the routines and interacting with the Dog.

    During the Program period, the Coach will observe the performance of Pet Parents
    and provide feedback and corrections to help Pet Parents to achieve the desired
    results. As needed, the Coach will also demonstrate and/or provide clarifications
    and/or offer more effective interaction techniques as and when necessary.

    Support services are available remotely as well (e.g. by phone, email, Skype),
    so that Pet Parents would not have to wait until the next in-person visit by
    the Coach to discuss/resolve any problem.

    Why does the Coaching Program effort have to be this intense ?
    The first challenge is to modify your Dog's behavior, possibly something
    that has gone on for quite a while. So, the Dog needs to focus on
    learning and practicing new routines repeatedly and intensely, and
    not be given any opportunity to revert back to its previous conduct.

    Secondly, and often this is more challenging, Pet Parents have to learn and
    modify their mindset in how they interact with their Dog.

    Learning the principles of how to and why they need to do so, is easy.
    Changing their habits, behaviors and mindset requires an earnest period of
    fervent practice and coaching.

    Otherwise, the Dog and Pet Parents will tend to revert back to their old ways.
    An initial period of intense training and coaching will expedite success.

    What can I expect from participating in the Coaching Program ?
    1. Your Dog will learn to behave more appropriately
    2. You will learn some tools to manage your Dog's behavior
    3. You will be more confident in being able to handle other Dog issues
    4. Your Dog will have less behavioral issues and you will have less stress
    5. You will enjoy a better relationship with your Dog

    What tools will I take away after completing the Program ?
    You will:
  • better understand why Dogs behave the way they do
  • know how to correct/change your Dog's undesirable behavior
  • know how to interact with your Dog to get desired behaviors

  • How soon can I expect to see results ?
    You may start to see improvements after completing a Session in a Program,
    i.e. changes in your Dog's behavior, and/or your Dog showing a new behavior.
    However, you must diligently practice the prescribed exercises and routines, and
    be consistent in handling the Dog during the entire Program period and afterwards.

    How long could it take for my Dog to modify its behavior ?
    The time it takes can depend on a few factors, e.g.:
  • how long the Dog has been allowed to behave in that (undesirable) way
  • how determined, hard-headed (slow) or stubborn the Dog is or has become
  • how consistently and persistently Pet Parents practice the routines to modify
    the undesirable behavior, and not give in
  • how often the Dog has had opportunities to revert back to the undesirable
    behavior and was not or have not been corrected on a timely basis

    Even after the Dog has learned to behave, it may still test / break the rules.
    Hence, Pet Parents should expect to have to remind/correct the Dog whenever it
    exhibits its (old) undesirable behavior, even months after completing the Program.
    Some Pet Parents may have to continue to remind/correct the Dog for a long time

    What do I need to do, to be successful in this effort ?
    Here's the KEYS to SUCCESS: You must:
  • really be motivated to improve / change your Dog's behavior
  • be committed to participate and complete the Program (with no excuses)
  • follow the Coach's recommendations in handing and interacting with the Dog
  • practice the prescribed exercises consistently, diligently and repeatedly
  • put in the effort and time and, not sabotage your own endeavor.

    Lasting results can be attained only when:
  • Everyone handling the Dog participates in the Coaching Program
    so that there will be consistency in dealing with the Dog by everyone
  • Pet Parents change their (old) mindset and interaction habits with the Dog
  • Pet Parents continue to use the tools they learn to address misbehaviors
  • Pet Parents know when to seek additional assistance/coaching
  • No one quits the Program.

    What if some or all these KEYS to SUCCESS are not happening ?
    It will just take longer to achieve the results, and the changes may not last
    i.e. you and your Dog will more likely revert back to your previous behaviors.

    What are the advantages to start working to improve / modify
    my Dog's behavior sooner rather than later ?
    Pet Parents can lower their stress about their Dog misbehaving sooner.
    The Dog can stop learning to be more persistent in doing what it wants to do, sooner.
    It can take less effort to modify bad behaviors before they become well-established habits.

    We are eager to see results and succeed, however, we cannot always be
    available or have time during the Program period. Yet, we don't want
    to wait. What else can you do to help us make it happen ?

    While you still need to invest in the time to achieve lasting results, we
    can arrange to spend more time to practice the routines with the Dog on
    your behalf, to supplement your efforts when you are not available.

    For example, we can do the daily walks and repeat training exercises
    for you when you are not available, away for the day, or for a few days.
    And we will do Coaching sessions when you are available or after your return.

    It is critical that you know how to elicit the appropriate behaviors from
    the Dog. Why ? It is of no benefit to you if the Dog only behaves
    for us, but doesn't behave appropriately for you.

    What are A-la-Carte Coaching Services ?
    A-la-Carte means you can request and pay for one or more
    of these coaching/training services as and when you need it:
  • a coaching/training SESSION (lasting about one hour)
  • a WALK to practice certain routines (lasting about 45 minutes)
  • a CONSULTATION (remotely or in-person) to answer questions,
    get advice, clarifications, suggestions, etc. (about 15 minutes).

  • Using A-la-Carte Coaching services is a viable option when you only have minor
    issues and concerns with your Dog, or you just need some counseling/assistance.

    A-la-Carte Coaching services are also available to Pet Parents (after completing a
    Program), to get on-going and follow-up coaching services and assistance.

    Regularly scheduled follow-up coaching services (after completing a Program)
    can be available by subscribing to the BRONZE Program. It provides
    a SESSION plus a WALK each week for 4 consecutive weeks.

    When do I pay you for your services ?
    For A-la-Carte services, payment is due at the end of each Session, Walk or
    Consultation. For a Program, payment is due at the start of the Program

    Do you also provide Puppy Training ?
    Not usually. But we can provide refresher Puppy Training if your Puppy has
    behavioral issues that previous Puppy Training has not addressed adequately.

    Can you help/coach me to do the right things to bring a new Puppy home ?
    Yes ! It can even start with choosing the right Puppy for your family.
    Then, it will be about preparing yourself and your home for a new Puppy.
    And going through the process of picking up the Puppy, introducing it properly
    to your home, and familiarizing the Puppy with the basic routines,
    e.g. potty, feeding, walking, etc.

    Can you train more than one dog at at time ?
    Yes. This usually happens when Pet Parents have issues with more than one Dog in the
    household not behaving properly, e.g. with each other and/or with other dogs / people.
    Usually, one dog is trained first to behave appropriately before the next is trained.

    My dog is much older. Can you still help me to improve its behavior ?
    Yes. This Coaching service can improve the behaviors of Dogs of any age.
    Dogs that have been allowed to behave badly for a long time may require
    more time and effort to modify their behaviors and make them last. Some
    Dogs may simply require continued and persistent reminders to behave.

    When should my Puppy get Dog Behavioral Improvement training ?
    Puppy Training can start as early as 3 months old. Generally, Puppy Training
    should start earlier for the more active, spirited, energetic and intelligent breeds.
    As well, more dominant or aggressive puppies should start Puppy Training earlier
    than the less dominant and more docile puppies. If your Puppy has completed
    Puppy Training and has developed undesirable behaviors, the sooner you start
    the Dog Behavioral Improvement Coaching Program, the quicker issues can
    be remedied. When Pet Parents neglect to follow-up quickly to address their
    Puppy's undesirable behaviors, it will just take a longer to correct them later.

    Do you do group training for Pet Parents in the neighborhood/community ?
    Yes. Contact us to schedule Dog Behavior Improvement Training seminars
    and workshops in your neighborhood and community centers.

    The seminar and workshop are of most interest to Pet Parents who
    are stressed by their Dog's behavior and really need help to correct them.

    The Seminar will review the fundamentals of dog behavior,
    how to identify the causes of the problems, and what it would
    take to effectively eliminate those problem behaviors.
    The Workshop will address selected issues and how they can be fixed.

    What dog issues/problems are harder to resolve ?
    1. Aggressive dogs that bite, from fear or dominance or to protect their Parents
    2. Dogs that have not had any prior (puppy/basic) training, dogs that have
    not been adequately/properly socialized and/or dogs that have been
    allowed to misbehave, and/or be dominant for a long time
    3. Dogs with separation anxiety or severe phobia's

    What kind of problems/issues will you not want to work on, to fix ?
    Dogs that have physiological, medical, mental, neurotic, psychotic disorders or
    bio-chemical imbalances that cause them to behave in undesirable ways.

    As well, dogs that will and/or have been allowed to viciously attack and bite
    other dogs (or people) due to being trained to that way, or from fear or dominance.

    How do you know when Pet Parents will have a harder time and/or it will
    take more time and effort for them to resolve their Dog's behavioral issues ?

    When Pet Parents are:
  • not able to commit to the Program or put in the effort to practice the routines/exercises
  • not diligently following the Coach's training approach, prescriptions or recommendations
  • not consistent/persistent, allowing/enabling the Dog to learn how to continue misbehaving
  • unable to alter their mindset and habits to interact appropriately with the Dog
  • distracted by other (more) important problems/issues that they have to deal with first.

  • Send us an email to ask more questions .

    We will help and coach you on how to modify/improve your Dog's
    behavior, so you can have a fun and loving relationship with your Pet !

    We also conduct Dog Behavior Improvement Training Seminars
    and Workshops for Pet Parents in your Community

    Contact Lawrence by email or, call (360) 371-5275

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