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Learn how to get your Dog to behave -
privately, at your home

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You do NOT have to (learn to) live with your dog's bad behavior !

and you do NOT want to let behavioral problems get out of control
and then, regret procrastinating after something bad happened

Lower your anxiety/stress level, develop a
better relationship and have more fun with your Pet
by eliminating misbehaviors such as:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Unnecessary barking
  • Inappropriate chewing
  • Pulling you during walks
  • Inappropriate play / biting
  • Not obeying you / commands
  • Being impolite towards your guests
  • Aggressive with people / other animals
  • Running off to chase critters / birds, etc.
  • Defecating in your house or on your things
  • Being too shy, nervous and/or fearful, etc.

  • You will get personal coaching and on-going support
    to improve / modify your Pet's behavior,
    supplement previous / basic puppy training,
    and, teach your Pet better manners.

    You can also get advice and coaching to
    prepare your Pet for a new Friend / Baby / Pet, or
    prepare your home and yourselves for a new Pet.

    So, skip the self-help books/videos, training gadgets, medications, etc.
    No need to waste your time through trial and error, just hoping to succeed

    Contact us now. You'll see results
    or you don't pay !

    You will be more proud of your better behaved Pet
    and, your Pet will be happier and less stressed too !

    FREE Initial Consultation

    This "Get-to-Know-You" visit (about 30 minutes) is to:

  • Discuss your experiences and interactions with your Pet
  • Identify concerns and issues requiring attention
  • Understand your obstacles, constraints, hurdles and pains
  • Define the desired behaviors you want for your Pet
  • Visualize how your Pet can be a fun part of the family

  • This initial free consultation enables us to:

  • Assess your Pet and triggers for its behaviors
  • Determine and validate the causes of its misbehaviors
  • Prescribe remedial steps to improve / modify its behaviors
  • Develop an Action Plan to get the desired results and benefits
  • Schedule training/coaching sessions to achieve your goals

  • Contact us NOW to schedule this free consultation


    As dog behaviorists, we will:

  • Help YOU to understand how you can get desirable
    behaviors from your Pet, and why it will work
  • Work with your Pet to elicit the desired behaviors
  • Show YOU effective interaction routines to use, and then
  • Coach you to adjust/improve how you interact with your Pet

  • You won't be sold any gadgets, equipment, dog treats, etc.

    The approach to improve / modify your Pet's behavior is based on:

  • Understanding your Pet and its motivations
  • Determining the triggers/causes of the undesirable behaviors
  • Providing insights for Parents to understand how your Pet thinks
  • Deploying gentle loving routines to elicit desirable behaviors
  • Verifying and demonstrating the routines' effectiveness
  • Coaching the Parents to practice effective routines

  • You will realign your mindset as you learn to manage your Pet's behavior

    The key to successfully improving/modifying your Dog's behavior is to:

  • Recognize that Pets usually want to please their Masters
  • Internalize the principles that make Pets want to always please you
  • Train your Pet incrementally to elicit desirable behaviors and keep the learning fun
  • Reward kindly & consistently (i.e. no punishment) to forge a loving & trusting Pet

  • Results are guaranteed when the Parents/Family commit to
    work together to develop a better relationship with their Pets


    Your Pet will be trained to exhibit desired behaviors, and
    You will be coached on how to elicit the desired behaviors

    Just select a Training/Coaching Program to fix your Pet's issues,
    schedule to meet, and get continued and timely support
    while you work to fundamentally change your Pet's habits and behaviors:

  • GOLD PROGRAM - for 1 Pet with up to 4 issues
    2 Sessions, 2 Walks and 1 Consultation
    each week for 3 weeks

  • SILVER PROGRAM - for 1 Pet with 2 or 3 issues
    2 Sessions, 2 Walks, and 1 Consultation
    each week for 2 weeks

  • A Session is a private personalized training/coaching appointment
    lasting about one hour. It can be a pet assessment/training session and/or
    a discussion/coaching session on how to manage/improve your Pet's behavior

    A Walk is a visit to your home to take your Pet out for a walk
    primarily to introduce and practice training routines to elicit desirable behaviors.
    It is arranged at a mutually convenient time, and lasts about 45 minutes

    A Consultation can be a face-to-face, phone or Skype discussion/meeting
    (about 15 minutes) arranged at a mutually convenient time

    Pets with less serious issues/challenges can benefit from:

  • BRONZE COACHING PROGRAM - for a single Pet
    1 Session and 1 Walk/Consultation each week for 4 consecutive weeks

  • Ala-Carte Services, which are also available for
    Program follow-up's and on-going support/assistance and coaching

  • We will help and coach you at your home, to learn how to
    develop a loving and fun relationship with your Pet !

    We also conduct Dog Behavior Improvement Training Seminars
    and Workshops for Pet Parents in your Community

    Contact Lawrence by email or, call (360) 371-5275

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